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Wiring for commercial places should not disturb the overall design, and Hanika Electric makes sure of that. So, we fix/install every electrical gadget or wire in a way that doesn’t look odd. Being the best Commercial Electrical Contractors in Toronto, we make sure to deliver cutting-edge electrical services and leave no error behind.

Likewise, commercial electrical services are not easy because you have to take a deep look into the wiring and every electrical work. So, we are fully aware of how to complete the wiring in the given time.

We also look for any electrical faults in the most precise way and deal with them. Surely, delaying the process may cause your commercial place a great loss, so we take care of that by providing on-time solutions for all your commercial needs.

Hanika also knows that a customer should know everything about their electrical features, so we make sure to tell you the required information, where you can do the material and cost estimation yourself and check the quality measures.

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Commercial Wiring

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Electrical Panel

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Full Electrical Job

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Service call and troubleshooting

Electricity is a necessity for every household and commercial place, but it can sometimes outbreak or malfunction.

New Construction Electrical Contractors

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Renovation Electrical Services

Electrical problems not only cost your time and money, but they can even